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Looking for a creative outlet on a turning life point and LUCE was created more like a personal project and started evolving into something bigger.

Love making decor items and interesting jewelry (yes - they will be released soon). LUCE Items are all handmade with attention to detail but always maintaining that raw handmade feeling.

Concrete is a great material that we love and it is amazing how it can be transformed into something so elegant and unique from the gauche form of it that we all know so widely used.

Would love you to follow us on this journey!

Love, Ioanna


Points of Sale


JamJar Store: LuceJewelry

Etsy Store: LuceGR

We currently ship only to Greece

but we will expand soon!

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Social Media Links

Facebook: lucejewelrygr

Instagram: @lucejewelrygr

Tik Tok: @lucejewelry

Pinterest: @lucegr

Est. by Ioanna Mavropoulou


Get In Touch

LUCE is located in Athens, GR

Tel. no +30 211 333 2418

Email us!

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