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Concrete Round Vessel 9 cm (1 pcs)

The cutest concrete decoration pencil case!

Made to order (10 days shipping time)

Available in Pink, Blue (more colors coming soon)


Dimensions: H: 9cm D:9cm (measurements are handmade too so please understand 1-2cm difference compared to the actual size)


Our Concrete products are individually and sustainably handmade to order, so each one will be different.


Characteristics such as air bubbles, slight unevenness, or bumps occur in the production process and are unavoidable due to the nature of Concrete. These are not considered defects unless they affect the functioning of the product.


All our concrete products are sealed and water-resistant but concrete can still absorb liquids and waxes causing spots/marks. We cannot accept returns or refund you for that reason.


Extended exposure to outdoor elements will result in accelerated blemishes and striations, this is the charm and uniqueness of concrete pieces!

Concrete Kawaii Pencil Cases 9 cm

SKU: 00000097
14,50 €Τιμή
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  • Concrete is a tough and durable material and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. But, if dropped, it can crack, chip or break.  Always make sure to handle the concrete vessels with care.


    Use warm water to wash and a dry, soft cloth to dry.


    Avoid any abrasive scrubs or sponges, as this can cause scratches on the surface.


    Avoid using any chemical cleaners as they will break down and degrade the existing sealant over time.

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